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My Retreat is Your Retreat

Are you wondering how choosing My Retreat in Provence could speed up your path to a happier life?

Let me explain.

The Cambridge Dictionary defines retreat as a change of previous beliefs and behavior. Surprising, right? We are used to think it is about travelling and taking time for yourself with some activities. Sometimes traveling and changing our external circumstances will really help us to relax and look at life from new perspectives.  Possibilities open up with a nourished mind.


My retreat in Provence is such a transformational program that helps you to speed up that change you have already decided to make. It is all about a new narrative for our lifes. It is also about accepting and accessing the right brain´s magic. As a hopeless left brainer it has been eye opening to discover those neuroscience based possibilities our brains offer. 


If this resonates to you,  and if you so choose, this might be the program  that fills yout cup. Let Provence nourish your body, mind and soul with its charm, light and energy. 

From my light to yours.


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Feel nourished, enlightened and confident in your transformation

Upcoming Retreats

Take the next step by checking out our upcoming retreats. You can also contact us if you wish to arrange a one-to-one retreat.

A garden and a white gate
Vihdoin Vapaalle!

The theme of our retreat in April 2023 was freedom.

A woman in a blue t-shirt facing a beautiful view
La Joie de Vivre !

La joie de Vivre - the joy of living helps to add more life to years!

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One-to-one Retreats

It is about taking the next right move, independent how big it is.

About You

Our customers are usually women who finally want to have time for themselves for very different reasons. You all are smart and conscious women and you might have been looking for a while for a solution. You have been wondering, is this all I got from life? External circumstances might be exactly what you wanted but this feeling of lacking something is constantly there.

This transformational retreat and mentoring might be the one that fills your cup. Do not stay alone, I wish I had had a mentor when I needed guidance.


The following examples are very common. I also found myself in all of these situations. Luckily I found a mentor and started studying personal growth. I realized that life is a growth centric experience. After this realization I have lived by my own motto  “Adding life to years!” and this motto made me move to Provence!

A poppy field
A customer of mine - her name is Grace -  wrote that she was working long hours and had it all. But with no family or kids she felt that the work had stolen a too big part of her life. “I just want to be happy”. she wrote.
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