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Where Did it All Begin?

Get to know more about our story

A woman in a green dress holding a hat

Since I moved to Provence five years ago I have totally changed my life. I mean 100%. I was a career woman working at international corporations and also an entrepreneur for a long time. In the aftermath of the 2008 Financial Crises I encountered all kind of setbacks you can imagine. The only thing that I had left was my determination for change.


I bought a one way ticket to Provence and never looked back.


Through my personal experiences in growing, even surviving those times, and building something a totally new life, I finally found my purpose. My soul's purpose is to help as many women as possible in order to find the way home, to their inner certainty and courage. I know that courage is a muscle that you can grow and fear exists only to protect us for taking in charge of our lives. Courage lives on the other side of fear. It is part of life.

Nothing would bring me more joy than seeing you finding that light filling your heart too.

Let me 
show you

By joining my transformational retreat program I also bring you to the hidden treasures and my places where the slow authentic and easy going French lifestyle meets the stunning nature of Provence.

Our Mission

Nourishing, enlightening and strengthening are the brand values of My Retreat in Provence. I cannot wait to meet you in my program!

A drop


The retreats in Provence are one to one or in small groups of maximum 8 women. They are carefully curated to nourish your body, mind and spirit as well as strengthen your courage muscle in the time of change.

Some sunrays


They are enlightening in many ways, as we learn how our brains can be thought to support transformation, not prevent it. The famous light and nature of Provence supports the growth as it has done for centuries to artists, writers and aristocrats and today for people who enjoy its charm.

Two leaves


I also believe that courage is a muscle that can be trained. Transformation is like a river gone a bit wild. It is fun and scary at the same time. In my retreats we learn tools to build courage no matter what comes alone.

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