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La Joie - Retreats

Note: This is no therapy, nor traditional life coaching, nor a travel tour. I am sharing my learnings for building courage for your transformational journey. We dive into the La Joie de Vivre, cultivate our inner culture by learning how to be present in this beautiful part of the world called Provence.


La Joie - retreats start before you arrive in France, as a small group mentoring online and the retreat is a part of the transformational journey.


Secure your seat as retreats fill up.

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Putting Yourself First

La Joie de Vivre is a newly created 10 session mentoring program including a retreat in the magical Provence, France.

We start this fall with 3 sessions virtually before we arrive in France. You will get to know the amazing women in your group and start your program journey. While in Provence we will have 5 sessions spaced out throughout our stay at a 13th century castle Le Château d´Argens and finally 2 sessions are held virtually so we can create accountability for your game plan and reconnect with the group.

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Save the Date and Apply

Space is limited

Book an assessment call with Annamari to get more information and make sure this it a good fit for you - or reach out in FB and Messenger (FB Annamari Lammassaari or FB My Retreat in Provence).


20-25 APR 2024

18-23 MAY 2024

01-06 JUN 2024

This Might Be for You if...

You are a conscious, curious and open minded high achieving woman in your +50 and above, and want to be in charge of your life in your new situation. We will strengthen that Cour-age muscle with my signature La Joie Mentoring. You are in the middle of a transition, a loss, retirement or another high stress situation which all can make us ask these same questions:


“How will I live my life from now on?”.


I did some research and identified a solution that has worked for me. But we need to be ready to work on ourselves, not expecting someone else to do the inner work. A place like Provence supports this growth journey beautifully.

What's included?

• Pickup on the Day 1 from Nice airport, Terminal 1

• 5 nights accommodation

• Daily breakfast, lunch & dinner

• Welcome ceremony & setting the intention

• 1:1 mentoring session

• A full body massage/yoga by choice

• 5 Co-active mentoring sessions

• 3 excursions to Saint Tropez and medieval villages

Retreat in Provence

This retreat suits you if you think that adding "more life to years" is just what you would want in your life.

During five memorable days, we let the energy and the nature to nourish our body, mind and soul by the French way. We do excursions to places that you have never heard of, gentle hikes through virgin forests and visit a women led wineyard.

The retreats are always transformative experiences and aim to develop change skills as well as courage. The experience requires a registration to the mentoring program.

This All Inclusive
retreat in Provence (flights not included) focuses on creating space for joy

in life.

What You get on this Retreat?
  • Time away to reconnect with yourself

  • Unique mentoring for strengthening your courage

  • Absorbing the elements of La Joie de Vivre

  • Gaining back the women power

  • Connection with like minded women

  • A game plan for your new script

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