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La Joie de Vivre - The Joy of Living retreat

Would you like to join my new La Joie de Vivre retreat later this year? This All Inclusive retreat (flights not included)  will take place in late October 2023 and focuses on creating space for joy in life.  Provence will again show its charm in the French countryside for eight women.

A woman holding her dress and smiling

Add Life to Years

This retreat suits you if you think that adding more life to years is just what you would want in your life.


During five memorable days we let the energy and the nature to nourish our body, mind and soul the French way. We do excursions to places that you have never heard of, gentle hikes through virgin forests and visit a women led wineyard.

The retreats are always transformative experiences and aim to develop change skills as well as courage. The experience requires a registration to the mentoring program.

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