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Radically Retired - Coaching program

Radically Retired™ offers an exclusive one-to-one transformational coaching experience designed to empower you to continue leading your life with purpose in retirement. Tailored specifically for conscious and empowered women, this program challenges you to strengthen your courage and embrace unconventional paths for your future.


Through Radically Retired™, you'll embark on a journey to shorten the time it takes to make significant life changes, such as relocating to a new city or country, while transforming fear-based patterns into constructive actions. 

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One Shining Goal 

Throughout the program, you'll script and pursue one shining goal that encapsulates your deepest desires and aspirations for this phase of your life. Your transformational coach will guide you in refining and pursuing this goal with clarity, focus, and unwavering commitment, ensuring that it becomes a beacon of inspiration and achievement on your journey toward a radically retired life. 

This program is ideal for women who have

made the decision to overhaul their lives, are

open to embracing a new paradigm, and are

prepared to collaborate closely with a

transformational coach.

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After this 6-month program, clients will have:

  • Radically repositioned their self-concept

  • Learned to choose an uplifting trajectory over lifelong conditioning 

  • Cultivated awareness of their inner resources

  • Crafted a clear and invincible vision for their retirement years, anchored in their newfound self-concept

  • Liberated themselves to take consistent action


To Get Started 

Radically Retired Coaching Program

If you're ready to embark on this transformative journey and become the leader of your life in retirement, reach out to me at to schedule a complimentary consultation. 

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6 months


weekly sessions

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