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Green grapes growing and a town in the horizon

My Retreat in Provence

Adding Life to Years

Hi dear one,

If you see this page, you have been looking for a change for a while, right?

Welcome! I am Annamari, your mentor living in the beautiful Provence - after changing my own life.


We humans, especially adults, use our left brain to decide what is good for us. A good education, a good career, a good boyfriend and husband, a perfect body, a good address to live at....


I want to ask you a big question. What do you do when the rain is falling and the river of life is flooding? When the overwhelm, the pain and fear of losing it all hits? Or when that solitude hits hardest in the empty home.


Let me share what I do. I let go and float. I have a lot of experience floating during hardships.

A poppy in the middle of a lavender field

My Joyful Provence

Jump into the painting and find the retreat you deserve. You will find yourself amongst a deeply transformational experience as Provence does its magic every time.

A woman standing next to and olive tree


My name is Annamari.

As a life change mentor, I have prepared for you a program which takes place partly in Provence.

How come partly?

Because your new story starts right there where you are now.  Recreating your life is a process, but I might be able to speed it up.  

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